Sentence Examples with the word quatrième

Barthelemy was the author of a number of learned works on antiquarian subjects, but the great work on which his fame rests is Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grece, vers le milieu du quatrieme siecle avant l'ere chretienne (4 vols., 1787).

Chabot, Chronique de Denys de Tell-Make, quatrieme partie (1895); W.

Loisy, Le Quatrieme Evangile (Paris, 1903); Prof. P. W.

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On the 1st of October Loisy published three new books, Autour d'un petit livre, Le Quatrieme Evangile and Le Discours sur la Montagne.

While too much stress must not be laid on a chain of reasoning open to some uncertainty at several points, it is difficult to suppose with Loisy, Quatrieme Evangile, 1903, p. 2 93, that the number was intended by the evangelist as purely figurative, and is therefore destitute of all historical meaning.

See De Broglie, L'Eglise et l'empire Romain au quatrieme siecle (1856-1866), and on the attitude of the Romans towards Christianity generally, app. 8 in vol.

On the 23rd of December the pope ordered the publication of a decree of the Congregation of the Index, incorporating a decree of the Inquisition, condemning Loisy's Religion d'Israel, L'Evangile et l'Eglise,Etudes evangeliques, Autour d'un petit livre and Le Quatrieme Evangile.

Gence, and published complete under the title L'Histoire de fart par les monuments, depuis sa decadence au quatrieme siecle jusqu'd son renouvellement au seizieme (6 vols.

Among the few critically satisfactory French books, Abbe Loisy's Le Quatrieme evangile (1903) stands pre-eminent for delicate psychological analysis and continuous sense of the book's closely knit unity; whilst Pere Th.

Le Quatrieme Evangile, one thousand large pages long, is possibly over-confident in its detailed application of the allegorical method; yet it constitutes a rarely perfect sympathetic reproduction of a great mystical believer's imperishable intuitions.