Sentence Examples with the word quartz

Are common and sometimes very puzzling, but they can always be orientated by the aid of the very characteristic striations, on the prism faces, which serve also to distinguish quartz from other minerals of similar appearance.

If in the interference experiment with Fresnel's mirrors or biprism the slit be illuminated with white light that has passed through a polarizer and a quartz plate cut perpendicularly to the optic axis, it is found on analysing the light that in addition to the ordinary central set of coloured fringes two lateral systems are seen, one on either side of it.

When, however, a plate of quartz is used in this experiment, the light is coloured and is in no case cut off by the analyser, the tint, however, changing as the analyser is rotated.

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After charging, the barrel is rotated, and when the chlorination is complete the contents are emptied on a filter of quartz or some similar material, and the filtrate led to settling tanks.

The difference between schists and gneisses is mainly that the latter have less highly developed foliation; they also, as a rule, are more coarse grained, and contain far more quartz and felspar, two minerals which rarely assume platy or acicular forms, and hence do not lead to the production of a fissile character in the rocks in which they are important constituents.

Twinned crystals of quartz are extremely common, but are complex in character and can only be deciphered when the faces s and x are present, which is not often the case.

A dull stony-looking rock results, the vitreous lustre having entirely disappeared, and in microscopic section this exhibits a cryptocrystalline structure, being made up of exceedingly minute grains principally of quartz and felspar.

The greatest development of quartz reefing is found in Victoria, some of the mines being of great depth.

The stuff from the stamps is conveyed to the middle of the muller, and is distributed over the mercury, when the gold subsides, while the quartz and lighter materials are guided by the blades to the circumference and are discharged, usually into a second similar mill, and subsequently pass over blanket tables, i.e.

Over 70,000 men are employed in the gold-mining industry, more than two-thirds of them being engaged in quartz mining.