Sentence Examples with the word quartet

Having live music from the quartet can really add to the celebratory atmosphere as guests relax and enjoy themselves.

The beginning of Mendelssohn's F minor quartet is, again, a case usually, but perhaps wrongly, condemned for its orchestral appearance on paper.

On this differentiation of styles rests the whole aesthetics of chamber-music; but the subject is very subtle, and there is much, as for example in Schubert's quartets and his C major quintet, that is inspired by orchestral ideas without in the least vitiating the chamber-music style; though, judged by its appearance on paper, it seems as unorthodox as the notoriously orchestral beginnings of Mendelssohn's quartet in D and quintet in B.

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But his attire was forgotten as soon as the quartet entered the Buen Tiempo, Ouray's popular Mexican restaurant.

Rita Angeltoni, the token skirt, as she referred to herself, was usually there banging on her keyboard or answering the phone while keeping the quartet in line.

The ministry of war has its offices in the immense military quartet (barracks) on the north side of the Praga da Republica, and the ministry of marine in the naval arsenal at the foot of Sao Bento Hill.