Sentence Examples with the word quarterly

The translation was attacked in the Quarterly as favourable to scepticism, and the translators jointly replied.

It was followed by the South African Quarterly Journal (1829-1834), the Cape of Good Hope Literary Gazette (1830-1833), edited by A.

The Essex Institute (1848) is housed in a brick building (1851) with freestone trimmings and in old Plummer Hall (1857); its museum contains some old furniture and a collection of portraits; it has an excellent library and publishes quarterly (1859 sqq.) Historical' Collections.

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Soon after the introduction of the literary journal in England, one of a more familiar tone was started by the eccentric John Dunton in the Athenian Gazette, or Casuistical Mercury, resolving all the most Nice and Curious Questions (1689-1690 to 1695-1696), afterwards called The Athenian Mercury, a kind of forerunner of Notes and Queries, being a penny weekly sheet, with a quarterly critical supplement.

See Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly for April 1909 (Columbus, Ohio) for several articles on the early settlement by Moravian Indians.

In 1857 appeared the New Zealand Quarterly Review, of little local interest, followed by Chapman's New Zealand Monthly Magazine (1862), the Southern Monthly Magazine (1863), the Delphic Oracle (1866-1870), the Stoic (1871), the Dunedin Review (1885), the Literary Magazine (1885), the four latter being written by J.

The Circuit Quarterly Meeting had to approve the arrangements for the support of the preachers.

This was followed by the South Asian Register (1827), the Australian Quarterly Journal (1828), edited by the Rev. P. N.

The state treasurer is the bank examiner, and to him all banks must make a quarterly statement and submit their books for examination twice a year.

Bonar was a prolific writer of religious literature, and edited several journals, including the Christian Treasury, the Presbyterian Review and the Quarterly Journal of Prophecy; but his best work was done in hymnology, and he published three series of Hymns of Faith and Hope between 1857 and 1866 (new ed., 1886).