Sentence Examples with the word quarry

Stimulated by the high price paid by the British Museum, the quarry owners diligently searched, and in 1872 another, much finer, preserved specimen was found.

The industry began in 1880, when the first quarry (at Granite Heights, Marathon county) was opened.

It is built in the simple Doric style, of grey limestone taken from a quarry owned by the state, near the city; is 304 ft.

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The sangar at first fell into the hands of the Russians, but they were soon ejected, and small British detachments reoccupied and held it, while the various Russian attacks flowed up and past it and ebbed back into the Quarry Ravine.

The Concord granite is a medium bluish-grey coloured muscovitebiotite granite, with mica plates so abundant as to effect the durability of the polish of the stone; it is used for building-the outer walls of the Library of Congress at Washington, D.C., are made of this stone-to a less degree for monuments, for which the output of one quarry is used exclusively, and for paving blocks.

It was a quarry swimming hole where a child had drowned the summer before.

In some cases it has been found advantageous to quarry and crush rock for the purpose of using it in this way.

Of his theological works the most famous is the great exegetical compilation which, under the name of Glosa ordinaria or the Glosa, remained for some 500 years the most widespread and important quarry of medieval biblical science, and even survived the Reformation, passing into numerous editions as late as the 17th century (see Hist.

The so-called Labyrinth, near the ruins of Gortyna, was a subterranean quarry from which the city was built.

For alabaster the principal quarry was that of Hanub in the desert 10 m.