Sentence Examples with the word quarrelsome

On the other hand they are greedy of gain, quarrelsome in small matters, self-seeking and wanting in stability; and they are gifted with a tendency to exaggeration and a love of intrigue which has had an unfortunate influence on their history.

Martha scooted around them leaving Cynthia to try and hide her concern with a false smile as she led the quarrelsome foursome into the dining room with a plate of pastry.

The dissensions of the turbulent princes of Gwynedd, Powys and Deheubarth, and of their no less quarrelsome chieftains, now rent the country, which was continually also a prey to Saxon incursions by land and to Scandinavian attacks by sea.

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Her name has become proverbial in the sense of a nagging, quarrelsome woman.

His wit generally inclines towards sarcasm, and it was probably the knowledge of his quarrelsome temperament that prevented his promotion to a bishopric. He was noted for the extent of his charities.

Up to the time of his nomination for the presidency, the biographer of Jackson finds nothing to record but military exploits in which he displayed perseverance, energy and skill of a very high order, and a succession of personal acts in which he showed himself ignorant, violent, perverse, quarrelsome and astonishingly indiscreet.

None of these was more quarrelsome than Napper Tandy, who was exceedingly conceited, and habitually drunken; his vanity was wounded to find himself of less account than Tone in the councils of the conspirators.

Dying in 1413 he was followed by his son, Louis, called the Bearded, a restless and quarrelsome prince, who before his accession had played an important part in the affairs of France, where his sister Isabella was the queen of King Charles VI.