Sentence Examples with the word qualitative

Nagaoka and Honda have succeeded in showing that the observed relations between twist and magnetization are in qualitative agreement with an extension of Kirchhoff's theory of magnetostriction.

For such purely abstract purposes, the possibility of numerical evaluation of the function is of secondary importance, and it is often possible to make qualitative deductions with regard to the general nature of a transformation without any knowledge of the actual form of the function.

This theory of complementary colours as due to the polarity in the qualitative action of the retina is followed by some criticism of Newton and the seven colours, by an attempt to explain some facts noted by Goethe, and by some reference to the external stimuli which cause colour.

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Pressure, heat and colour, there must be other qualitative different excitations of different nerve-fibres, by means of which, as non-local signs of localities, the soul constructs in itself an image of extended space containing different places.

Bergman laid the foundations of systematic qualitative analysis, and devised methods by which the metals may be separated into groups according to their behaviour with certain reagents.

As in Gymnosperms and other groups an interesting qualitative change is associated with the process of fertilization.

Quantitative measures don't reflect qualitative improvements.

The introduction of the blowpipe into dry qualitative analysis by Axel Fredrik Cronstedt marks an important innovation.

This section treats of the qualitative detection and separation of the metals, and the commoner methods employed in quantitative analysis.

The qualitative composition of ethyl alcohol was ascertained by A.