Sentence Examples with the word qualify

I've met three men in my life that qualify on those grounds, and I don't get around that much.

No peasant, however rich, could qualify for a vote in any but the peasants' electoral colleges.

Defoe maintained that the dissenters who attended the services of the English Church on particular occasions to qualify themselves for office were guilty of inconsistency.

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Hence the following paragraphs, while they will resume and affirm his principal results, will qualify and impugn some of his positions.

There is a tendency to eclectic views embracing the more attractive features of the various theories; and attempts are made to adapt, interpret and qualify the imagery and language of older formulae, in order so to speak, to issue them afresh in new editions, compatible with modern natural science, psychology and historical criticism.

A share in tribal occupancy does not qualify for a vote.

There is still in existence a translation of Guicciardini which he wrote with his own hand in order to qualify himself for government by acquiring a knowledge of political history.

In 1697, but any weight which the royal title might have given him in the Empire was more than counterbalanced by the fact that he became a Roman Catholic in order to qualify for the new dignity.

The candidate whose work is notified as tres bien is admitted to the examinations at Hue, which qualify for the title of doctor and the holding of administrative offices.

The fact of his marrying would seem to show that he did not at the time intend to enter the church; possibly the death of his wife caused him to qualify for holy orders.