Sentence Examples with the word quail

The game birds consist of grouse, blackcock, moorhen, quail and partridge.

Flights of quail and turtle doves, as well as teal and ducks, stay long enough to afford sport.

Several times they scared up a covey of quail and once even a wild pig.

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The quail lays fifteen or twenty eggs and they are white.

Somewhere in the distance a Bob-White quail called.

The most important are eagles, kites, vultures, falcons, owls, horn-bills, cranes, pheasants (notably the argus, fire-back and peacock-pheasants), partridges, ravens, crows, parrots, pigeons, woodpeckers, doves, snipe, quail and swallows.

Hawks and turkey buzzards are common types of the larger birds, and the wild turkey, prairie chicken and quail are the principal game birds.

A quail punctuated her statement with its crisp call.

Many visitors are attracted by the fishing (especially for tarpon) and shooting in the vicinity, water-fowl being plentiful in the Bay, and deer, quail and wild turkeys being found in the vicinity inland.

The game birds include quail (Bob White), ruffed grouse and a few pinnated grouse (once very plentiful, then nearly exterminated, but now apparently reappearing under strict protection), and such water birds as the mallard duck, wood duck, blueand green-winged teals, Wilson's snipe, and greater and lesser yellow legs (snipe).