Sentence Examples with the word quagga

A chestnut mare, after having a hybrid by a quagga, produced to a black Arabian horse three foals showing a number of stripes - in one more stripes were present than in the quagga hybrid.

Unlike Lord Morton's quagga hybrids, all the zebra hybrids were richly, and sometimes very distinctly, striped, some of them having far more stripes than their zebra parent.

The quagga having become extinct, a number of mares were put to a richly striped Burchell zebra, and subsequently bred with Arab, thoroughbred and cross-bred sires.

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The crest is very high, surmounted by a standing mane, banded The Quagga (Equus quagga).

In the absence of control experiments there is therefore no reason for assuming Lord Morton's chestnut mare would have produced less striped offspring had she been mated with the black Arabian before giving birth to a quagga hybrid.