Sentence Examples with the word pyrenees

A few days Madrid was evacuated, and all the French forces, with the exception of the garrisons of San Sebastian (3000), Pampeluna (3000), Santona (1500), and the troops under Suchet holding posts in Catalonia and Valencia, had retired across the Pyrenees into France.

The most important are Aix-les-Bains, and a number of springs in the Pyrenees in France, Aachen in Germany, Harrogate in England, Strathpeffer and Moffat in Scotland.

To the east of it, the Navarrese, having rid themselves of the Carolingian counts and marchers, had made a kingdom in their mountains, and beyond them the little free territorias of the central Pyrenees were advancing, in subordination to the Navarrese king at Pamplona.

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He was an adviser to Mazarin in the negotiations which terminated in the treaty of the Pyrenees (1659) He amassed a considerable fortune, and was unpopular, even in court circles.

In the Pyrenees the species is represented by a small race locally known as the izard; a very brightly-coloured form, R.

The Basques and Gascons, who occupied the southern slope of the western Pyrenees and part of the shore of the Bay of Biscay.

De Medecine; subsequently he joined the army of the Pyrenees as pharmacies; but having committed some slight political offence, he was thrown into prison and detained there for some time.

In Asia it abounds in Siberia and on the mountains of the Amur region; on the European Alps it occurs at a height of 5600 ft., and on the Pyrenees it is found at still higher elevations; on the northern side of Etna it is said to grow at above 7000 ft.

It is traversed from east to west by the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Mountains, and almost the whole of the province is overrun by the ramifications of these ranges.

In August 1904 the French and Spanish governments agreed to supplement this trade-route by building a railway from Oloron in the Basses Pyrenees to Jaca.