Sentence Examples with the word pyre

Snow fell from the sky to be either burned by the pyre or to cover the red mess that was the rest of the park.

Among human sacrifices may be mentioned the suttee, or custom of immolating a widow on the funeral pyre of the husband, and the Khond sacrifice of the Meriah, who was either purchased or the son of a victim father.

Later stories say that Thetis snatched his body from the pyre and conveyed it to the island of Leuke, at the mouth of the Danube, where he ruled with Iphigeneia as his wife; or that he was carried to the Elysian fields, where his wife was Medea or Helen.

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She watched the Guardians gather wood in the eerie light of the bloody sun and start the funeral pyre for her father's body.

Pre-eminent among these is the discovery, by Mr William Peppe, on the Birdpur estate, adjoining the boundary between English and Nepalese territory, of the stupa, or cairn, erected by the Sakiya clan over their share of the ashes from the cremation pyre of the Buddha.

And we need have no hesitation in accepting this as a monument put up over a portion of the ashes from the funeral pyre of Gotama the Buddha.

But after cremation came in a mourning procession of servants and chiefs carrying the body to the funeral pyre to be burnt by the demondressed priests, after which the crowd of wives and slaves were exhorted to serve their lord faithfully in the next world, were sacrificed and their bodies burnt.

Her body wouldn't be placed in a funeral pyre or surrounded by family and friends who bore her gifts one last time.

A pyre had been built in the middle of the cobblestone courtyard to burn the bodies of the demons before nightfall, when they.d come back alive.

His connexion with the fall of Troy indicates that the fire-god himself set fire to the city; in like manner no other than the fire-god was thought worthy to kindle the pyre of Heracles.