Sentence Examples with the word put up

Presently he added: That's what we fathers have to put up with....

Their conversation was interrupted by the cries of several voices at the gate and by Morel, who came to say that some Wurttemberg hussars had come and wanted to put up their horses in the yard where the captain's horses were.

Gracchus ordered that the taxes, direct and indirect, should be increased, and that the farming of them should be put up to auction at Rome.

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For export it is put up in bales of about 150 lb each.

Deidre did as he said and fed long, prepared to put up an honest fight this time.

Dorothy squatted upon the ground and put up her parasol, which nearly covered her and proved a great protection.

And we need have no hesitation in accepting this as a monument put up over a portion of the ashes from the funeral pyre of Gotama the Buddha.

The fleet was, as it chanced, delayed by a storm in the Bay of Navarino, and rough fortifications were put up by the sailors on the promontory of Pylos.

Katie was expecting twins, but they hadn't put up the cribs yet.

His remains were removed in 1842 to Caracas, where a monument was erected to his memory; a statue was put up in Bogota in 1846; in 1858 the Peruvians followed the example by erecting an equestrian statue of the liberator in Lima; and in 1884 a statue was erected in Central Park, New York.