Sentence Examples with the word put under

The police service, which has been subject to frequent modification, was in 1895 put under the orders of the ministry of the interior, to which a British adviser and British inspectors are attached.

Abundant supplies of berroquena, a granitelike stone, were obtained in the neighbourhood, and for rarer materials the resources of both the Old and the New World were put under contribution.

The law courts, including the court of cassation, three courts of appeal, eight local courts, and 115 district courts, were put under Japanese judges, and the codification of the laws was undertaken.

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Freedom from arrest and from domiciliary visits), while the traders of all other nations were put under the protection of the French flag.

Under his successors, except during the brief reign of Julian (361-363), when the effort was made to reinstate paganism in its former place of supremacy, the Church received growing support, until, under Theodosius the Great (379-395), orthodox Christianity, which stood upon the platform adopted at Nicaea in 325, was finally established as the sole official religion of the state, and heathen worship was put under the ban.

Next year, on the proposal of the tribune Manilius, his powers were still further extended, the care of all the provinces in the East being put under his control for three years together with the conduct of the war against Mithradates VI., who had recovered from the defeats he had sustained from Lucullus and regained his dominions.

Preparations for war were made in 1774; on the 28th of April 1775 the expedition against Ticonderoga and Crown Point was resolved upon by some of the leading members of the Connecticut assembly, and although they had acted in their private capacity funds were obtained from the colonial treasury to raise the force which:on the 8th of May was put under the command of Ethan Allen.

The same idea is expressed in the statement (quoted by Athenaeus, 569 d, from Nicander of Colophon) that after Solon's time courtesans were put under the protection of Aphrodite Pandemos.

An army - the accounts about the number vary from 4000 to 20,000 - was equipped in all haste and put under the command of Moslim b.

On the continent of Europe the practice is common of notching the sleeper so as to give the rail a slight cant inwards - a result obtained in England by canting the rail in the chairs - and metal plates or strips of felt are put under the rail, which is carefully fastened to the sleeper by screwed spikes (fig.