Sentence Examples with the word put in

Such a limitation of the area of hostilities is not only feasible, but it was actually put in practice by the British government during the Boer War.3 In the course of the Russo-Japanese War the question came up again, being raised this time by Great Britain.

The Europeans, although detained as prisoners, were not at first unkindly treated; but in the end of June they were sent to Magdala, where they were soon afterwards put in chains.

And if any man was to be put in the preposterous position of a secular Bible, no writer was fitter for it than Aristotle.

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The silver kettle, which fits on a ring near the top of the outer covering, has a cup-like cover in which rice is placed with a little water; the ginseng is put in the inner vessel with water, a cover is placed over the whole, and the apparatus is put on the fire.

The primitive philosophy to which these conceptions belong has to a great degree been discredited by modern science; yet the clear survivals of such ancient and savage rites may still be seen in Europe, where the Bretons leave the remains of the All Souls' supper on the table for the ghosts of the dead kinsfolk to partake of, and Russian peasants set out cakes for the ancestral manes on the ledge which supports the holy pictures, and make dough ladders to assist the ghosts of the dead to ascend out of their graves and start on their journey for the future world; while other provision for the same spiritual journey is made when the coin is still put in the hand of the corpse at an Irish wake.

When they all went, in October-December 1568, to York and London to accuse their queen - and before that, in their proclamations - they contradicted themselves freely and frequently; they put in a list of dates which made Mary's authorship of Letter II.

The Six Articles were only fitfully put in execution, especially in 1543 and 1546: all the plots against Cranmer failed; and before he died Henry was even considering the advisability of further steps in the religious reformation, apart from mere spoliation like the confiscation of the chantry lands.

These lots are put in a heap, and an outsider is called in who throws one lot or kaivel upon each heap of fish.

You know, when Mary put in her untimely appearance.

The silk is then partly dried in a hydro-extractor, and afterwards put in rooms heated by steam-pipes, where the drying is completed.