Sentence Examples with the word put away

The image was put away after each occasion; every sixty years a large number of such images, which had served in previous celebrations, were carried in procession to the top of Mount Cithaeron, and were burned on an altar together with animals and the altar itself.

The pope replied by ordering Henry under pain of excommunication to put away Anne and restore Catherine, his legal wife, within ten days.

Dean put away the groceries and set out a tray of afternoon brownies for the returning guests.

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After an exhortation to the judges of the earth to put away evil counsels and thus avoid death, the author declares that God has made no kingdom of death on the earth, but ungodly men have made a covenant with it: certain sceptics (probably both Gentile and Jewish) holding this life to be brief and without a future, give themselves up to sensuality and oppress the poor and the righteous; but God created man to be immortal (ii.

Then, in a fit of honesty, he apologized for having put away a bit too much booze after he dropped her off.

Back in the kitchen, she loaded the dishwasher and put away leftovers.

For a few minutes neither of them spoke while they put away their breakfast.

At last he put away Medea, in order to marry Glauce (or Creusa), daughter of the Corinthian king Creon.

At five I learned to fold and put away the clean clothes when they were brought in from the laundry, and I distinguished my own from the rest.

About the beginning of September the crop is ripe, which is known by the withering of the leaves; the bulbs are then to be pulled, and exposed on the ground till well dried, and they are then to be put away in a store-room, or loft, where they may be perfectly secured from frost and damp.