Sentence Examples with the word pushing

Only twice since 461 had she been at war with Athens - in 457 (Tanagra) and 447, when she deliberately abstained from pushing the advantage which the revolt in Euboea provided; she had refused to help the oligarchs of Samos in 440.

He eased into her body at first then made love to her hungrily, relentlessly pushing her deeper into the haze of pleasure and desire, until she arched beneath him, her body on the verge of shattering.

David Livingstone was as determined to open the interior as the Boers were to keep it shut, and he succeeded, pushing north, discovering Lake Ngami, and consecrating a remarkable life to the evangelization of Central Africa.

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She limped toward the house, pushing away the helping arm Alex offered.

He pulled her up and gripped her neck, pushing her head aside to expose the vulnerable skin.

She opened the single wardrobe, pushing the doors open enough for light to illuminate the contents.

After ten minutes of pushing back branches, I spotted the back of a pop up trailer.

Escoiquiz was in fact a busy and pushing member of the literary clique which looked up to Godoy as its patron.

He refused to release her, instead pushing her into a painful run up the beach, over the sandbags, and out of immediate danger.

But the pulling of them apart and pushing them together again was only a sleight-of-hand trick.