Sentence Examples with the word push

Thus waves are propagated along OX, each wave consisting of one push and one pull, one wave emanating from each complete vibration to and fro of the source AB.

His grip tightened around her, and she resisted the urge to push him away and flee.

For all her ability to manipulate the minds of others, she couldn't push the memory of her family from her own thoughts.

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A sidebar quoted the vocal congressman who continued to push for an investigation while an accompanying article contained the ever increasing rants of the defense bar.

Our goals are to push forward, not pull back.

She tried to sit up and push the hot covers away.

From that place it was intended to push it down the Amur to Khabarovsk, and finally to proceed up the Usuri to Vladivostok.

He opened his attack on Dec. z i by a push on each wing of his front, from the Brenta valley and Monte Pertica against Col della Berretta, and against both sides of the Solarolo salient.

Disarmed, however, by the dukes frank submission they wisely resolved not to push him to extremes, and the first council which was appointed to act for the new monarch was a sort of coalition ministry in which Lancasters followers as well as his foes were represented.

Napoleon's original plan for the 16th was based on the assumption that the allies, who had been caught napping, would not attempt a risky forward concentration; and he intended therefore to push an advanced guard as far as Gembloux, for the purpose of feeling for and warding off Blucher.