Sentence Examples with the word pusey

Trans., Edinburgh, 1868), and Pusey (1875), S.

He was awarded the Pusey and Ellerton scholarship in 1866, the Kennicott scholarship in 1870 (both Hebrew), and the Houghton Syriac prize in 1872.

Newman's secession in 1845 placed Manning in a position of greater responsibility, as one of the High Church leaders, along with Pusey and Keble and Marriott; but it was with Gladstone and James Hope (afterwards Hope-Scott) that he was at this time most closely associated.

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In the same year he was appointed vicar of St Mary's, to which the chapelry of Littlemore was attached, and Pusey was made regius professor of Hebrew.

He belonged to the High Church school, which was influenced by the teaching of Newman and Pusey and the Oxford teachers of their day; but he by no means slavishly followed them.

He was at Oxford during the early years of the movement known as Puseyism, and was powerfully influenced by association with Newman, Pusey and Keble.

His revival of the doctrine of the Real Presence, coinciding as it did with the revival of a taste for medieval art, naturally led to a revival of the pre-Reformation ceremonial of worship. With this revival of ceremonial Pusey had little sympathy: he at first protested against it (in a university sermon in 1859); and, though he came to defend those who were accused of breaking the law in their practice of it, he did so on the express ground that their practice was alien to his own.

If Keble is to be reckoned, as Newman would have it, as the primary author of the movement, it was from Pusey that it received one of its best known names, and in Newman that it soon found its genuine leader.

To the last he maintained the narrow standpoint of Pusey and Keble, in defiance of all the developments of modern thought and modern scholarship; and his latter years were embittered by the consciousness that the younger generation of the disciples of his school were beginning to make friends of the Mammon of scientific unrighteousness.

In 1826 he was chosen fellow of Oriel and was ordained, among his friends and colleagues being Newman, Pusey and Keble.