Sentence Examples with the word purse

He knew from his English experiences that such a veto would be hardly ever used unless the king felt the people were on his side, and that if it were used unjustifiably the power of the purse possessed by the representatives of the people would, as in England in 1688, bring about a bloodless revolution.

Sofia dropped her purse on the desk in her cube without removing her sunglasses.

Their government became paternal; and, though there was no limit to their cruelty when stung by terror, they used the purse rather than the sword, bribery at home and treasonable intrigue abroad in preference to coercive measures or open war.

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This educational system, invented by Griffith Jones and supported by the purse of Mrs Bevan, in 1760 numbered 215 schools, with a total number of 8687 contemporary scholars; and by the date of Jones's death in 1761 it has been proved that over 150,oco Welsh persons of every age and of either sex, nearly a third of the whole population of Wales at that time, were taught to read the Scriptures in their own language by means of these schools.

The car was a loss anyway, but her purse and clothes would be ruined.

She reached for her purse and dug around for her phone, intent on telling the cousins to pack.

Finally Fred O'Connor withdrew a crumpled dollar bill from his antiquated change purse and a fountain pen from his jacket pocket.

The pressing demands of the military chest had to be satisfied by loans, and in at least one case from the private purse of the governor-general.

And there were papers in her purse in her writing that matched, too.

He was able to creep up, snatch a purse and run before anyone registered that the hooded youth ever approached.