Sentence Examples with the word purple

It is the adrectal gland, and in the genera Murex and Purpura secretes a colourless liquid which turns purple upon exposure to the atmosphere, and was used by the ancients as a dye.

After a moment, he winked out of existence in a purple flash.

Grandiflorum, 10 in., deep purple or white, blooms about April, and is a fine plant for pot-culture in cold frames.

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This was a branch of olive or laurel, bound with purple or white wool, round which were hung various fruits of the season, pastries, and small jars of honey, oil and wine.

His body adjusted to the physical blows while his magic absorbed the purple lightning.

The rainbow, which men call Iris, is a cloud that is purple and red and yellow.

This bird, believed to be the second kind of ibis spoken of by Herodotus, is rather smaller than the sacred ibis, and mostly of a dark chestnut colour with brilliant green and purple reflections on the upper parts, exhibiting, however, when young none of the rufous hue.

Sometimes purple glass is used in place of brown, probably with the design of imitating the precious murrhine.

In these every colour and every shade of colour seem to have been tried in groat variety of combination with effects more or less pleasing, but transparent violet or purple appears to have been the most common ground colour.

It was an autumn night with dark purple clouds, but no rain.