Sentence Examples with the word purer

Chem., 1897, p. II) extracts the element from black tellurium as follows:- The ore is boiled with concentrated sulphuric acid, the solution diluted, hydrochloric acid added and the tellurium (together with selenium) precipitated by sulphur dioxide and the process repeated when a purer tellurium is obtained.

The latex coagulates readily, especially if churned or if diluted with water, when a purer rubber is obtained.

Its advantages over the zinc process are that the deposited gold is purer and more readily extracted, and that weaker solutions can be employed, thereby effecting an economy in cyanide.

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It was respited by the opportunity which was afforded it of fresh draughts from the Aristotle of a less partial and purer tradition, and we have, accordingly, a golden age of revived Scholasticism beginning in the 13th century, admitting now within itself more differences than before.

The more all this settled and established itself - certainly not without opposition - in the church the purer did Neoplatonism become.

The purer rock-salt is often simply ground for use, as at Wieliczka and elsewhere, but it is more frequently pumped as brine, produced either by artificial solution as at Middlesbrough and other places, or by natural means, as in Cheshire and Worcestershire.

In a purer condition it may be obtained by the action of sulphuric acid on a mixture of potassium nitrate and ferrous sulphate, or of hydrochloric acid on a mixture of potassium nitrate and ferric chloride.

In addition the purer and rarefied air of the Swiss mountains seems to produce a sense of exhilaration which is not felt nearer the sea-level.

It was a time of moral reformation, when men were awaking to the need of better and purer living.

Rend., 1895, 120, p. 290) obtained a still purer metal by igniting the oxide with carbon in the electric furnace.