Sentence Examples with the word pupil

The next day, every pupil except one had written a composition.

The pupil is always dilated and insensitive to light.

The tutor was no more eager to teach than the pupil to learn.

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In this account of the picnic we get an illuminating glimpse of Miss Sullivan's skill in teaching her pupil during play hours.

Now we must return to France, where, in 1827, L'Herminier, a creole of Guadaloupe and a pupil of De Blainville's, contributed to the Actes of the Linnaean Society of Paris for that year (vi.

To get an idea of the magnitudes of the quantities involved, let us take the case of an aperture of 1 in., about that of the pupil of the eye.

The same authority says he was a pupil of Parmenides and of Heraclitus, but the statement is improbable, owing to discrepancy in dates.

The underlying idea of the Institute is such industrial training as will make the pupil a willing and a good workman, able to teach his trade to others; and the school's graduates include the heads of other successful negro industrial schools, the organizers of agricultural and industrial departments in Southern public schools and teachers in graded negro schools.

Indirectly, through the dialectic of his pupil and friend Zeno and otherwise, the doctrine of the inadequacy of sensation led to the humanist movement, which for a time threatened to put an end to philosophical and scientific speculation.

About Liszt's pianoforte technique in general it may be said that it derives its efficiency from the teaching of Czerny, who brought up his pupil on Mozart, a little Bach and Beethoven, a good deal of Clementi and Hummel, and a good deal of his (Czerny's) own work.