Sentence Examples with the word punta

Midway of them is situated Punta Arenas, the most southern town and port of the republic.

High, while the Punta del Palo, the highest point of the brim of the crater of Vesuvius, varies materially with successive eruptions from 3856 to 4275 ft.

Separates Capri from the mainland at the Punta della Campanella, and from the opening to its head at Portici the distance is 15 m.

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Since the census of 1895 the population of Punta Arenas has been largely increased by the discovery of gold in the vicinity.

The Punta del Nasone, the highest point of Somma, is 3714 ft.

To Punta del Falcone in the N.

The public buildings include the cathedral (1760), the government palace, the municipal palace, the episcopal palace, the church of Santa Ana, a national theatre, a school of arts and trades, a foreign hospital, the former administration building of the Canal Company, Santo Tomas Hospital, the pesthouse of Punta Mala and various asylums. The houses are mostly of stone, with red tile roofs, two or three storeys high, built in the Spanish style around central patios, or courts, and with balconies projecting far over the narrow streets; in such houses the lowest floor is often rented to a poorer family.

Of Ozieri, in the district called Logudoro, on the chain of the Marghine, which runs to Macomer, and, farther S., in the region called Barbargia, the Punta Bianca Spina, the highest summit of the chain of Gennargentu (6016 ft.).

Palon della Mare Punta San Matteo Thurwieserspitze Hintere Schwarze Similaun Pizzo Tresero .

The surface of the country is naturally divided into five clearly distinct zones: (I) the series of volcanic peaks which extend parallel to the Pacific at a little distance inland; (2) the plains and lakes of the great depression which lies to the east of these mountains and stretches from sea to sea, between the Bay of Fonseca and the mouths of the San Juan; (3) the main cordillera, which skirts the depression on the east, and trends north-west from Monkey Point or Punta Mico on the Caribbean Sea, until it is merged in the ramifications of the Hondurian and Salvadorian highlands; (4) the plateaus which slope gradually away from the main cordillera towards the Caribbean; (5) the east or Mosquito coast,with its low-lying hinterland.