Sentence Examples with the word punch

The punch flattened her and made her ears buzz.

She nudged Leyon aside to punch another set of buttons and issued an order to reinforce the failing efforts there.

When I rode the Ride the Rockies bike tour, I was proud as punch when I finished it.

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He knocked the guardsman back with a punch and deflected the Other's lightning effortlessly.

First and foremost was an overwhelming urge to punch his lights out but past similar responses hadn't produced positive results.

He almost missed her first punch and caught the second, pulling her against him.

Ryland made a beeline for his room, and the Quincy sisters tromped up the stairs, Effie giving a three-finger wave and Claire looking as if she'd punch out the lights of anyone who got in her way.

Actually, someone had spiked her punch and he drank it.

You raised him and you can be proud as punch of everything he's accomplished, but you've got to trust him, too.

Their summits are open and covered with heath but their flanks and the lower ground are magnificently wooded The hills are deeply scored by steep and picturesque valleys, o which the most remarkable is the Devil's Punch Bowl, a hollo of regular form on the west flank of Hindhead.