Sentence Examples with the word pulsing

The painkillers didn't work, and by noon, she had a pulsing headache and no idea how to change the leaky bandage around her wrist.

Not a fish can leap or an insect fall on the pond but it is thus reported in circling dimples, in lines of beauty, as it were the constant welling up of its fountain, the gentle pulsing of its life, the heaving of its breast.

But A Rich Vocabulary, A Mastery Of Verse Forms Quite Beyond The Range Of Cremazie, Real Originality Of Conception, Individual Distinction Of Style, Deep Insight Into The Soul Of His People, And, Still More, The Glow Of Warm Blooded Life Pulsing Through The Whole Poem, All Combine To Give Him The Greatest Place At Home And An Important One In The World At Large.

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Her sunglasses and hat blocked the sun but not the heat, which fed her pulsing head.

She stormed out, blood pulsing and headache growing.

Deidre dropped her hand quickly from the knotted skin, alarm pulsing through her.

He forced himself to be patient, to ignore the blood pulsing through his veins at the thought of leaving Memon's lifeless body on the dirt floor and walking away.

She popped one of the water cubes into her mouth, head pulsing from a nasty hangover.