Sentence Examples with the word pulse

Her breathing was quick, the pulse he felt in her neck flying.

I'm going to get a pulse check from the network to see what the fuck the vamps are doing.

The appearance of the nebhiim in the time of Samuel was, it would seem, as is explained in the article Hebrew Religion, one manifestation of the deep pulse of suppressed indignant patriotism which began to beat in the hearts' of the nation in the age of Philistine oppression, and this fact explains the influence of the movement on Saul and the interest taken in it by Samuel.

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A faint pulse of life came from the direction of the gym.

Cromwell appreciated this feeling at its exact worth, and his pre-eminence in the Civil War was due to this highest gift of a general, the power of feeling the pulse of his army.

The hum of a spacecraft made her pulse leap again, and her eyes found the small craft descending from the sky to a landing point a hundred meters away.

With the instinct of a true statesman, he felt the pulse of the people, divined their need for prestige, and their preference for a government heavy-handed rather than lax.

Other symptoms of undue absorption are vertigo, deafness, sounds in the ears, stupefaction, a subnormal temperature, nausea, vomiting and a weak pulse (Sir Thomas Fraser).

Her pulse was flying, and her body cold.

Almost equally striking is the fact that digitalis causes an irregular pulse to become regular.