Sentence Examples with the word pulling out

After patting her body as dry as he dared, Dean reached over and grabbed her night bag, pulling out her pajamas.

Josh glanced up from his plate of sausage and eggs and reached over, pulling out a chair for her.

In the manufacture of a wine-glass the ductility of glass is illustrated on a small scale by the process of pulling out the, leg.

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Jake slid into the passenger seat beside her, pulling out his cell as he did.

Imagine a computer culling through this massive amount of data, inconceivably large, and pulling out patterns.

He rose as she approached and kissed her cheek before pulling out the chair for her.

By this time Stubb was over the side, and getting into his boat, hailed the Guernsey-man to this effect,--that having a long tow-line in his boat, he would do what he could to help them, by pulling out the lighter whale of the two from the ship's side.

Once again he reached behind his seat, this time pulling out a child's red polka-dot umbrella, no doubt another garage sale bargain.