Sentence Examples with the word puebla

They were thirty-four in number, among which was an albino, and had been sent to that institution, together with a few other animals, by order of Marshal Forey, who was appointed commander-in-chief of the French expeditionary force to Mexico after the defeat of General Lorencez at Puebla (May 5th, 1862), and returned to France at the end of 1863, after having handed over the command to Marshal (then General) Bazaine.

But fearing the prospect, they induced Maximilian, who had retired to Orizaba for his 1 Diaz refused parole, and was confined at Puebla for some months, but made his escape, and was soon in the field again.

He appointed a commission to consider the question of draining the valley of Mexico, which adopted the plan ultimately carried out in 1890-1900; suppressed a Clerical rising in Puebla (March 1856), which was punished by a considerable confiscation of church property; sanctioned a law releasing church land from mortmain, by providing for its sale, for the benefit, however, of the ecclesiastical owners (called after its author Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, brother of the subsequent president), and a new draft constitution, largely modelled on that of the United States (Feb.

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Meanwhile Porfirio Diaz had captured Puebla (April 2) and besieged Mexico City, which fell on the 21st of June.

It dates from the creation of the bishopric of Mexico in 1530, with Fray Juan de Zumarraga as bishop, although two previous creations had been proclaimed at Rome, that of Yucatan in 1518 and Puebla in 1525.

Its cultivation is the chief industry of the states of Mexico, Hidalgo, Puebla and Tlaxcala.

He sided with Carranza against Villa, took Puebla in Jan.

As it lies in the state of Puebla and is the dominating feature in the views from the city of that name, it is sometimes called the Puebla volcano.

Two important railway lines traverse the state - the Tehuantepec (trans-isthmus) line between the ports of Salina Cruz and Coatzacoalcos (Puerto Mexico), and the Mexican Southern line (narrow-gauge) from Puebla to Oaxaca, with branches to San Geronimo on the Tehuantepec line with the Guatemalan frontier as its destination, and toward Puerto Angel on the coast.

Luis Potosi (1: 250,000), of the environs of Puebla (1: 50,000) and a Carta general de la republics mexicana (1: 250,000).