Sentence Examples with the word publishing

Philadelphia is the home of the boards of publication and of Sunday schools of the Northern Church; and in Allegheny (Pittsburg) are the principal theological seminary of the United Presbyterian body and its publishing house.

The first press from which books in the Polish language appeared was that of Hieronymus Wietor, a Silesian, who commenced publishing in 1515.

On his return he joined Richard Cameron in publishing the Sanquhar declaration, and boldly excommunicated the king and his officials.

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At the moment when Spinoza was publishing a system which is still a dominating note of modern philosophy, this other son of Israel was capturing the very heart of Jewry.

His principal reforms were the subdivision of the artillery divisions into separate independent units, the formation of artillery brigades, the establishment of a committee of instruction (1808), and the publishing of an Artillery Journal.

A leading industry is the printing and publishing of newspapers and periodicals, several of the periodicals published here having an enormous circulation.

In 1867 her majesty had started in authorship by publishing The Early Days of the Prince Consort, compiled by General Grey; in 1869 she gave to the world her interesting and simply written diary entitled Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the Highlands, and in 1874 appeared the first volume of The Life and Letters of the Prince Consort (2nd vol.

The academy of sciences, founded in 1872, celebrated the bicentenary of the raising of the siege of Vienna by Sobieski by publishing the valuable Acta Joannis' III.

Seven bishops, who presented Trial of a petition asking him to relieve the clergy from the burthen of proclaiming what they believed to be illegal, were brought to trial for publishing a seditious libel.

His father and grandfather were Yorkshire agriculturists, and throughout his life he took a strong interest in the welfare of the agricultural labourer, publishing three volumes on the subject, Village Politics (1878), Christ and Democracy (1883) and The Land and the Labourers (1890).