Sentence Examples with the word public service

The chairmen of the several town boards of supervisors, with the The office of railroad commissioner was created in 1874, became elective in 1881 and was replaced under an act of 1905 by a commission of three members, which received jurisdiction over other public service corporations in 2907.

Under the present system, therefore, there is a biennial election (in even-numbered years) of a governor, a lieutenant-governor, a secretary of state, a state comptroller, a state treasurer, an attorney-general and a state engineer and surveyor; and the governor appoints, subject to the approval of the Senate, a superintendent of public works, a superintendent of state prisons, a superintendent of insurance, a superintendent of banks, a commissioner of excise, a commissioner of agriculture, a forest, fish and game commissioner, a commissioner of health, a commissioner of labour, a state architect, a state historian, a state librarian, two public service commissions, a civil service commission, a board of charities, a commission of prisons, a commission in lunacy, three tax commissioners and several other boards and commissions.

A corporation commission of three members, elected for a term of six years, is intrusted with the necessary powers for a rigid control of public service corporations.

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The word is also used in the Roman Catholic Church for the public service held on Sunday mornings before the mass (see Breviary; and Hours, Canonical).

Because of this, it is free (and we are spared from television public service announcements urging us to take fewer and shorter breaths).

I ought to get a public service medal.

The payment for public service which Pericles had introduced may have contributed to raise the general level of culture of the citizens, but it created a dangerous precedent and incurred the censure of notable Greek thinkers.

The same interest led to the division of the services into two general parts, which became known ultimately as the missa, eatechumenorum and the miss y fidelium, - that is, the more public service of prayer, praise and preaching open to all, including the catechumens or candidates for Church membership, and the private service for the administration of the eucharist, open only to full members of the Church in good and regular standing.

For holding an unlawful meeting and refusing to participate quietly in the public service they were fined, imprisoned and otherwise maltreated.

His last public service was the bloodless suppression of an insurrection in Pannonia (13).