Sentence Examples with the word public

As a public speaker he had an inborn Irish readiness and vehemence of expression; and, though a thorough Liberal, he split from Mr Gladstone on Irish home rule, and took an active part in politics in opposing it.

Campbell, a Belfast merchant, who left 200,000 for the building and endowment of a public school.

The general public were content to find the explanation of the movements in spirits, animal magnetism, odic force, galvanism, electricity, or even the rotation of the earth.

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Along the crest of the bank a public park is laid out, commanding a view of the desolate Dobrudja hills, across the river.

In regard to mares it has very frequently turned out that animals which were brilliant public performers have been far less successful as dams than others which were comparatively valueless as runners.

Here during the last two years of the course; Westbrook Seminary (chartered in 1831, and empowered to grant degrees in 1863); the Public Library, containing (1910) 65,000 vols.; the Library of the Maine Historical Society (30,000 vols.); the Mechanics' Library, the Greenleaf Law Library, the Maine General Hospital, and the United States Marine Hospital.

Benedetto, of a building in opus quadratum, supposed to have been a public portico, under the monastery of S.

The word is also used in the Roman Catholic Church for the public service held on Sunday mornings before the mass (see Breviary; and Hours, Canonical).

The early Christians continued the Jewish practice of making such an ascription at the close of public prayer (Origen, Hopi Ekijs, 3 3) and introduced it after the sermon also.

His learned wanderings ended (1486) at Rome, where he set forth for public disputation a list of nine hundred questions and conclusions in all branches of philosophy and theology.