Sentence Examples with the word psychologically

Hence, our evidence for serpent-cults everywhere represents varying stages in the historical development of a few related fundamental ideas which are psychologically explicable; and it is impossible to deal with the subject geographically or historically.

Nay, it may be questioned how far it is either psychologically or logically possible to turn general scepticism into a coherent doctrine.

It is neither psychologically nor historically impossible for a prophet of 1 i.

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And xii.3 The shorter text, represented by the Septuagint, gives an account of Saul's jealousy which is psychologically more intelligible.

And the whole breathes such a genuine originality, all is psychologically so accurate and just, the earliest beginnings of the new religious.

A judgment which is not prompted by motives and inspired by interest, which has not for its aim the satisfaction of a cognitive purpose, is psychologically impossible, and it is, therefore, mistaken to construct a logic which abstracts from all these facts.