Sentence Examples with the word psychic

The entire business of the psychic tipster has faded rapidly without new news to feed the sharks.

Its psychic effect, both upon the dancer and upon the mystic about whom he danced during the initiation of the Cybele-Attis mysteries, made it a widely known and popular feature of the cult.

Some perp thinks Youngblood is the real deal; the Psychic Tipster, so he cuts him up like pork roast, gets to the truth, and dumps him.

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The love and romance psychic can help you achieve divine bliss and happiness in your love life.

This ought to help the credibility issue; there's more to some tips than the police know, but haven't made public because it would enforce credence in a psychic connection for the tip.

It's a no-no because defense attorneys are all over any hint of psychic involvement.

The same fear of imbibing the irrational soul of animals, and thereby reinforcing the lower appetites and instincts of the human being, inspired the vegetarianism of Apollonius of Tyana and of the Jewish Therapeutae, who in their sacred meals were careful to have a table free from blood-containing meats; and the fear of absorbing the animal's psychic qualities equally motived the Jewish and early Christian rule against eating things strangled.

I thought of leaving a note of thanks to the Psychic Tipster, so kindly confiding to me, albeit vicariously through dear departed Brenda, his or her limitations.

While I dared not say it for fear of being accused of insensitivity, I wondered if the death of Gladys Gillespie might enhance her credibility, reducing the number of those chasing the real Psychic Tipster.

It was a Boston and I searched through it, searching to see if Ethel Reagan was still tracking the Psychic Tipster.