Sentence Examples with the word provincia

Diocletian added Helvetia, and part of Germania Superior to Sequania, which was now called Provincia maxima Sequanorum, Vesontio receiving the title of Metropolis civitas Vesontiensium.

Colin Labor evangelica, ministerios apostolicos de los obreros de la compania de Jesus, fundacion, y progressos de su provincia en islas Filipinas (3 vols., Barcelona, 1900-1902); J.

During the early period of the Roman Empire the Thracian kings were allowed to maintain an independent sovereignty, while acknowledging the suzerainty of Rome, and it was not until the reign of Vespasian that the country was reduced to the form of a province (Kalopathakas, De Thracia, provincia romana, 1894; Mommsen, Roman Provinces, Eng.

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Abbate, Guida della provincia di Roma (Rome, 1894, 2 vols.); H.

The troops in Montevideo also embarked for Portugal, and the Banda Oriental remained a part of Brazil with the title of the Provincia Cisplatina.

The consequences of this catastrophe were felt far and wide, and in the spring of 1891 both the Banco Nacional and the Banco de la provincia de Buenos Aires were unable to meet their obligations.

Bibulus, who belonged to the as the provincia of the consuls of B.e.the supervision Gallic p 59 P wars.

The development of the Basque mining industry is fully described in Las Minas de hierro de la provincia de Vizcaya, progressos realizados en esta region derde 1870 hast y 1899 (Bilbao, 1900).

Furchheim, Bibliografia dell' Isola di Capri e della provincia Sorrentina (Naples, 1899); C. Weichhardt, Das Schloss des Tiberius and andere Romerbauten auf Capri (Leipzig, 1900).

Under his friend Vespasian he returned to the service of the state, serving as procurator in Gallia Narbonensis (70) and Hispania Tarraconensis (73), and also visiting the Provincia Belgica (74).