Sentence Examples with the word province

TIENTSIN, the largest commercial city in Chih-li, the metropolitan province of China.

SANTA-ANNA,' 'ANTONIO LOPEZ DE (1795-1876), Mexican soldier and politician, was born at Jalapa in the province of Vera Cruz on the 21st of February 1795.

The two which drain the largest basin are the Chi Manuk and the Chi Tarum, both rising in the eastern end of the province and flowing northeast and north-west respectively to the Java Sea.

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North of Cape Palos a line of flat coast, beginning with the narrow strip which cuts off the lagoon called the Mar Menor from the Mediterranean, bounds half of the province of Alicante, but in its northern half this province, becoming mountainous, runs out to the lofty headland of Cape de Ia No.

The province of Kirin, or Central Manchuria, is bounded on the N.

St Faro assigned him a spot called Prodilus (Brodolium), the modern Breuil, in the province of Brie.

He surrounded himself with a bodyguard of Caesar's veterans, and forced the senate to transfer to him the province of Cisalpine Gaul, which was then administered by Decimus Junius Brutus, one of the conspirators.

All correspondence passed through his hands, and he was the head and the spokesman of the deputation, who represented the province in the States General.

POTSDAM, a town of Germany, the administrative capital of the Prussian province of Brandenburg, and one of the principal residences of the German Emperor, beautifully situated on the river Havel, 16 m.

It occupies the site of the ancient city of Ij, the capital of the old province of Shabankareh, which was captured and partly destroyed by Mubariz ed-din, thefounder of the Muzaffarid dynasty, in 1355.