Sentence Examples with the word proven

You try but you can't protect me, Rhyn, which you've proven a dozen times over.

In 1967, Colin Clark estimated that the minimum space necessary to feed a person was 27 square kilometers, a then-optimistic figure that had not been proven in commercial practice or even large-scale experiment.

But at the time the doctrine was in force, MAD was effective (or at least, not proven ineffective).

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If I am ultimately proven wrong and the world rejects GM foods, we will still end hunger.

She'd proven as lively in bed as she was timid outside of it.

The main proof of the objective value of the view we may gain will rather lie in the degree in which it succeeds in assigning to every element of culture its due position, or in which it is able to appreciate and combine different and apparently opposite tendencies and interests, in the sort of justice with which it weighs our manifold desires and aspirations, balancing them in due proportions, refusing to sacrifice to a one-sided principle any truth or conviction which experience has proven to be useful and necessary.

The system will be self-correcting and will have a bias for means that are proven to work.

An Englishwoman who saw the process in Turkey in the early 1700s brought it back to England, where it was proven to be effective.

Coast near Danmark Harbour, during which they mapped Louise Land, they left their base on April 20 with ponies to draw their sledges, and reached Lakse Fjord near Proven on Aug.

The delay in processing the form had not, in this case, proven detrimental to the patent process.