Sentence Examples with the word protruding

Kali, on the other hand, the most terrible of the goddess's forms, has a special service performed to her, at the Kali-puja, during the darkest night of the succeeding month; when she is represented as a naked black woman, four-armed, wearing a garland of heads of giants slain by her, and a string of skulls round her neck, dancing on the breast of her husband (Mahakala), with gaping mouth and protruding tongue; and when she has to be propitiated by the slaughter of goats, sheep and buffaloes.

On the north-west side, half within and half without the circuit of the walls, protruding into the plain like a great bastion, stood the royal palace, on a terrace, 45 ft.

The rocks of the granitoid series appear as great masses in the schist series, and in some places form great protruding bosses.

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Others had flat noses, protruding eyes, and ears that were shaped like those of an elephant.

Jenn's gaze went to Sofi's protruding belly, and she was hit with both urgency and fear.

Deidre's gaze fell to the woman's protruding belly, and she suddenly understood.

The orifice of invagination forms a pore which may be closed up or may form a protruding duct or funnel.

To the right (in the figure) of the rectal peduncle is seen the deeply invaginated shell-gland ss, with a secretion sh protruding from it.

The organic compounds of the latter are absorbed by the protruding fungal filaments, which take the place of root-hairs, the tree ceasing to develop the latter.

Mastiffs are powerful, heavily built dogs, with short muzzles, frequently protruding lower jaws, skulls raised above the eyes, ears erect or pendulous, pendulous upper lips, short coats and thin tails.