Sentence Examples with the word protective

The exact extent, however, to which each particular class of enemy has affected the protective habits and attributes of spiders is by no means always evident; and it is impossible to discuss the question in detail within the limits of a short article.

Thus, much of infection and immunity are proving to be but special cases of digestion, and teleological conceptions of protective processes are modified.

They were hearty, dedicated men, but their gear was damaged, their protective suits sloppily stitched in many places, their boots in need of soles.

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But protective processes misdirected or carried to excess may become injurious or even dangerous to the organism.

In the higher forms a storage and a mechanically-strengthening system may also be developed, and in some aerial Fungi an external protective tissue.

As has been shown above, the closing up of the sub-umbral cavity is one of the earliest degenerative changes in the evolution of the gonophore, and we may regard it as the umbrellar fold taking on a protective function, either temporarily for the bud or permanently for the gonophore.

But the commander-in-chief, soon realizing that the Japanese were not pursuing, reasserted himself, sent the protective troops back to their posts, and cancelled all orders for the evacuation of LiaoYang.

The parenchyma proper; vessels which, without forming a complete investment, underlie the parenchyma; a hard protective layer; and lastly, within that, an alimentary central mass inhabited by the growing larva.8 Galls are formed by insects of several orders.

The principles of protective inoculation have been developed and practically applied on a large scale, notably by W.

He was sweet and thoughtful, protective and an ardent lover.