Sentence Examples with the word protecting

He'd done the right thing in protecting her, even if the wounded look on her face made him feel both inadequate and frustrated.

As another means of opposing Western influence in south-eastern Europe, Prince Lobanov inclined to the policy of protecting rather than weakening the Ottoman empire.

Jenn hesitated, guilty she'd indulged herself to visit a place she shouldn't instead of protecting the world she was sworn to preserve.

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Hamilton originated in the 15th century under the protecting influence of the lords of Hamilton, and became a burgh of barony in 1456 and a royal burgh in 1548.

He was charged with protecting her.

The rhopalia are lodged in the notches be tween the marginal lobes of the umbrella, and each rhopalium is covered over by a little protecting flap or lappet.

The bowler delivers his bowl with one foot on a mat or footer, made of india-rubber or cocoanut fibre, the size of which is also prescribed by rule as 24 by 16 in., though, with a view to protecting the green, Australasian clubs employ a much larger size, and require the bowler to keep both feet on the mat in the act of delivery.

There were powers protecting the threshold, the door and the hinge: and the duties of the house, the farm, the mill, had each its appointed guardian.

He began by protecting and promoting the Swedish reformers Olavus and Laurentius Petri, and Laurentius Andreae.

The difficulty of defining the relations between the protected and the protecting states is greater, because a protectorate may imply a condition of transition: a contractual or limited relation of state to state, more or less rapidly changing into true union.