Sentence Examples with the word protected

Thus it cannot be doubted that the king Vishtaspa, who received Zoroasters doctrine and protected him, must have ruled in eastern Iran: though strangely enough scholars can still be found to identify him with the homonymous Persian Hystaspes, the father of Darius.

Long, and protected by a lighthouse and a fort, would admit vessels of considerable tonnage; but it has been allowed to silt up until it shoals off from 2 4 ft.

The date palm fruits well; figs grow luxuriantly, though requiring much irrigation; almonds do well if protected from spring frosts; seaisland cotton grows in the finest grades, but is not of commercial importance.

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This knowledge is acquired by experience; and since it is not, at all events as a rule, taught by the first taste to any individual bird, it is reasonable to infer that a considerable amount of injury, sufficient to disable if not to kill, is annually inflicted upon insects belonging to species protected by distastefulness or kindred qualities.

He cared enough to give her his most prized possession, and he'd protected her last night against someone who meant to kill her.

These drums are worked by special muscles, and the cavities in which they lie are protected by conspicuous plates visible beneath the base of the abdomen (see fig.

This mass had buried a great part of the Lydian and Greek cities, but on a protected slope some undisturbed Lydian strata were found.

The bridgehead was well protected by these flanking bastions, and for this reason it made an excellent point of departure for an attack.

Gabriel, he's protected and helped me more than once since the dungeon and done it out of some sort of sense of duty.

High, of which three sides are washed by the Fiddich and the fourth was protected by a moat.