Sentence Examples with the word prosper

The juridical argument has some force; the present life does not show that harmony of condition and character which our sense of justice leads us to expect; the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer; there is ground for the expectation that in the future life the anomalies of this life will be corrected.

Mercurialis, De peste, praesertim de Veneta et Patavina (Basel, 1 577); Prosper Borgarutius, De peste (Venice, 1565), 8vo; Filippo Ingrassia, Informatione del pestifero morbo.

These were to some extent made use of by Prosper Leveque in his Memoires pour servir (1753), as well as by the Abbe Boisot in the Tresor de Granvella.

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On the establishment of the confederation of the Rhine, his son Prosper Louis (to whom, becoming blind, he had ceded his domains in 180 3) became a member (5806), and showed great devotion to the interests of France; but in 5850 he lost his sovereignty, Napoleon incorporating Meppen with France and Recklinghausen with the grand - duchy of Berg, and indemnifying him by a rent of 240,702 francs.

The advances in stellar photography made by Paul and Prosper Henry and others suggested to him the magnificent idea of obtaining, through the collaboration of astronomers in all parts of the world, an autographic picture of the entire sphere containing more than fifty million stars, which should faithfully record in future ages the state of the sky at the end of the i 9th century.

BARTHELEMY PROSPER ENFANTIN (1796-1864), French social reformer, one of the founders of Saint-Simonism, was born at Paris on the 8th of February 1796.

PROSPER OF AQUITAINE, or Prosper Tiro (c. 390 - c. 465), Christian writer and disciple of St Augustine, was a native of Aquitaine, and seems to have been educated at Marseilles.

As to what was going on beyond it, we have but a few casual gleams of light, just enough to make the darkness visible, from writers such as the author of the life of St Germanus, Prosper Tiro, Procopius, and Gregory of Tours.

Z As the wife of Hades she was represented with the insignia of royalty and a torch: mentions a rumour that Prosper dictated the famous letters of Leo I.

Cattle farms prosper along Beagle Channel, the timber industry is growing, lignite seams have been discovered, and alluvial gold is washed principally at Slogget Bay.