Sentence Examples with the word props

As a substitute for timber props at the face, pieces of steel joists, with the web cut out for a short distance on either end, with the flanges turned back to give a square bearing surface, have been introduced.

As the curtain lifted, the props had been changed so the room looked like a kitchen, with cardboard cut-out's of stove, sink and refrigerator.

Alfalfa, the Japanese soy bean and the wheat fields - which furnish the finest of pasture in the early spring and ordinarily well into the winter season - are the props of a prosperous dairy industry.

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In the 18th century it ranked next to Leith as a port, but the growth of Grangemouth, higher up the firth, seriously affected its shipping trade, which is, however, yet considerable, coal and pig-iron forming the principal exports, and pit props from the Baltic the leading import.

In Laminariaceae secondary cylindrical props arise obliquely from the base of the thallus.

In Yorkshire hollow square pillars, formed by piling up short blocks of wood or chocks, are often used instead of props formed of a single stem.

Somewhat, but I had to take the chance that they would be accepted as props and leave it at that.

An unusual density of urban settlement, furnishing excellent home markets and transportation facilities, are the main props of this new interest.

The props used are preferably of small oak or English larch, but large quantities of fir props, cut to the right length, are also imported from the north of Europe.

In diameter at the ground, the chestnut is found to make durable hoops for casks and props for vines; and of a larger size it makes good hop-poles.