Sentence Examples with the word proprietary

To priests and choristers, for example, of the proprietary or endowed orders were assigned 24 per annum if they were upwards of sixty years of age, 16 if upwards of 40, and 14, 8s.

Be less toxic. Glycothymolin is a proprietary preparation, used in the treatment of catarrhal conditions of mucous membranes, while a mixture of naphthalene, camphor and thymol is sold under the name of thymolin.

Tartaric acid is rarely used alone, but is contained in pilula quininae sulphatis and in Seidlitz powder (see Sodium), and is a constituent of many proprietary granular effervescent preparations.

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It may mean a state of things such as existed in the middle ages, in which ownership and sovereignty were not clearly separated: when he who was owner had sovereign rights incident thereto, or, as it was sometimes phrased, when sovereignty inhered in the territory, when the king was the supreme landowner (Maine, Ancient Law, p. 106; Figgis, pp. 11, 14); when all political power exhibited proprietary traits, and was incident to the ownership of land (Maitland, Township and Borough, p. 31).

But Urraca was tenacious of her right as proprietary queen and had not learnt chastity in the polygamous household of her father.

The Pharmaceutical Society on the other hand has also published a Pharmaceutical Journal Formulary, including several hundred formulae of proprietary medicines sold by pharmacists, so that it is now possible for any medical man to ascertain what they contain.

It is administered by imperial functionaries called arazi-memuru; it is with the consent of the latter only that the proprietary rights can be sold.

The principal collieries in the state are the Outtrim Howitt, the Coal Creek Proprietary and the Jumbunna.

Auguste Marie Raymond, prince d'Arenberg, known as the Comte de la Marck, was a Flemish nobleman who had been proprietary colonel of a German regiment in the service of France; he was a close friend of the queen, and had been elected a member of the states-general.

The harbour docks and adjacent railways (which exceed 20 m.) are owned and administered by a harbour trust of 26 members, of whom one is the owner of the Briton Ferry estate (Earl Jersey), 4 represent the lord of the seigniory of Gower (the duke of Beaufort), 12 are proprietary members and 9 are elected annually by the corporation of Swansea.