Sentence Examples with the word prophylactic

Personal ornaments and decorations of dwellings, furniture, vehicles and pottery had once a consecrating, or - what often comes to the same thing - a prophylactic value and significance.

Medicated soaps for external use are only employed in cases of skin ailments, as prophylactic washes and as disinfectant soaps.

The supreme value of quinine is as a specific antidote to malaria, against which it also possesses a powerful prophylactic action.

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Thus, animism is in some directions little developed, so far as we can see, among the Australian aborigines; but from those who know them best we learn that they believe in innumerable spirits and bush bogies, which wander, especially at night, and can be held at bay by means of fire; with this belief may be compared the ascription in European folk belief of prophylactic properties to iron.

The planting of eucalyptus trees is out of favour at present, but it appears to have been successful in Portugal, not from any prophylactic virtues in the plant, but through the great absorption of moisture by its deep roots, which tends to dry the subsoil.

There is some evidence that arsenic has a prophylactic effect.

A 1 solution is also used as a prophylactic for ophthalmia neonatorum.

The Indians have a habit of consuming a yellowish edible earth containing sulphur; on pilgrimages they obtain images moulded of this earth at the shrines they visit, and eat the images as a prophylactic against disease.

Inoculation with Haffkine's prophylactic fluid should be offered to all persons willing to avail themselves of it.

Klein also prepares a new prophylactic from the dried organs of a guinea-pig, and one of the most interesting experiments is that of Strong (Archiv far Schiff sand tropische Hygiene, April, 1906), who uses for producing immunity in man a living virulent culture of the bacillus pestis.