Sentence Examples with the word prophetess

The prophetess Deborah dwelt under a palm-tree near Bethel (Judg.

In 1849 came the first of several examples that have appeared in Palestine from time to time of that curious product of American religious life - a community of dupes or visionaries led by a prophet or prophetess with claims to divine guidance.

Later on, Firmilian, writing to Cyprian, mentions a prophetess who appeared in Cappadocia about A.D.

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High, where Norna, the prophetess of Sir Walter Scott's Pirate, was supposed to have her abode and which the Norsemen called the White Mountain, in allusion to the colour of the clay slate composing it; and the Noup and Herma Ness, two of the most northerly points in Unst.

See Richard Head, Life and Death of Mother Shipton (London, 1684); Life, Death and the whole of the Wonderful Prophecies of Mother Shipton, the Northern Prophetess (Leeds, 1869); W.