Sentence Examples with the word prophet

The function of the prophet as watchman is described at length (expansion of the description in iii.) and the news of the capture of the city is received.

Just as the prophet often misunderstood traditional traits of the sacred history, he may, as an unlearned man, likewise have often employed foreign expressions wrongly.

It is urged, indeed, that the author of Chronicles could not have imagined a prophet to have sympathized with such a king as Zedekiah so warmly as is implied by Lamentations iv.

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But the divinity which hedged a prophet saved him.

From very early times story-tellers and singers found their subjects in the doughty deeds of the tribe on its forays, and sometimes in contests with foreign powers and in the impression produced by the wealth and might of the sovereigns of Persia and Constantinople: The appearance of the Prophet with the great changes that ensued, the conquests that made the Arabs lords of half the civilized world, supplied a vast store of new matter for relations which men were never weary of hearing and recounting.

Although of the Aramaic dialects none employs the term Melltha in the sense of religion, it appears that the prophet found such a use.

During the government of Fadus, Theudas, who claimed to be a prophet and whom Josephus describes as a wizard, persuaded a large number to take up their possessions and follow him to the Jordan, saying that he would cleave the river asunder with a word of command and so provide them with an easy crossing.

Jehu is also the name of a prophet of the time of Baasha and Jehoshaphat (I Kings xvi.; 2 Chron.

The prophet is perplexed about the mysteries of life, and questions God respecting them.

AMPHIARAUS, in Greek mythology, a celebrated seer and prince of Argos, son of Oicles (or Apollo) and Hypermestra, and through his father descended from the prophet Melampus (Odyssey, xv.