Sentence Examples with the word proper

The operation is as follows: the paper ribbon or perforated slip is moved forward by its centre row of holes at the proper speed above the upper ends of the rods S, M; should there be no holes in the ribbon then the cranks A, A' will remain stationary, although the beam B continues to rock, since the rods S, M are pressing against the ribbon and cannot rise.

A new and conciliatory phase of patripassianism was expounded at a somewhat later date by Beryllus of Bostra, who, while holding the divinity of Christ not to be 181a, or proper to Himself, but irarpudi (belonging to the Father), yet recognized in His personality a new lrpbcrwlrov or form of manifestation on the part of God.

Pepper proper is confined to the Malabar coast, from Kanara to Travancore.

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Keeping this in mind, we may fairly conclude that the flamingo with B X Y points to an ancestral condition A B X Y, which is still represented by Platalea and Ibis, whilst the other storks proper have taken a different line, leading to A X Y.

But the emperor Augustus carried on the tradition of ancient statecraft by having Julius Caesar recognized as a god (divus J ulius), the first of a new class of deities proper (divi).

In computing the column sections a proper allowance must be made for any eccentricity of loading.

He, moreover, definitively established, in 1783, the fact and general direction of the sun's movement in space, and thus introduced an element of order into the maze of stellar proper motions.

Mining laws have proved chiefly serviceable in securing the introduction of efficient ventilation, the use of safety-lamps, and of proper explosives, to lessen the danger from fire-damp and coal-dust in the coal-mines, the inspection of machinery for hoisting and haulage, and prevention of accidents due to imperfection in design or in working the machinery.

White men, who take proper precautions, and are not chronically soaked with cane-spirit, stand the climate perfectly, but the creole whites are still too much caballeros to devote themselves to agricultural work.

The religious myths are generally identifiable with the Polynesian, but a belief in the gods proper is overshadowed by a general deification of ancestors, who are supposed from time to time to occupy certain blocks of stone, set up near the family dwelling, and surrounded by circles of smaller ones.