Sentence Examples with the word pronoun

It is never preserved except when protected by the non-etymological I already spoken of (lie girt or llegt, but never liegsn); the r reappears, nevertheless, whenever the infinitive is followed by a pronoun (donarme, d-irho).

In addressing chiefs, or others to whom one wishes to be respectful, the singular number of the personal pronoun is rarely used; the dual is employed instead, - the dual of dignity or of respect.

Quien, the interrogative pronoun which has taken the place of the old qul, seems to come from q u e rn.

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All tenses of reflexive verbs except the imperative and present participle are formed by prefixing the pronoun which indicates the object to the verb, in the dative or genitive case (abbreviated) as the verb may require; but in the reflexive imperative and present participle the verb precedes the pronoun; e.g.

Thus, in Fijian the word luve means either a son or a daughter - one s own child, and it takes the possessive pronoun suffixed, as luvena; but the word ngone, a child, but not necessarily one's own child, takes the possessive pronoun before it, as nona ngone, his child, i.e.

Be careful to use a singular pronoun with a singular noun in your writing.

Another absolute pronoun of the first person is ink, .JtOK, like Heb.