Sentence Examples with the word promptly

In spreading gangrene, in which acute sepsis is present, and in which no line of demarcation forms, the best chance for the patient is promptly to amputate high up in sound tissues.

Hanover and Hesse-Cassel, which were nearest to Prussia and therefore immediately dangerous, were dealt with promptly and without waiting for the decision in the main theatre of war.

During his administration also occurred the mutiny of the Madras sepoys at Vellore, which, though promptly suppressed, sent a shock of insecurity through the empire.

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The Prussian cavalry promptly bore away to cover to the westward, and reported what they had seen to superior authority, but not to the advanced guard of the 5th infantry division, which, emerging in its turn from the defile, ran right against the deployed French infantry moving to meet them.

Alex arrived promptly at seven in the morning and they ate breakfast together in Destiny's room.

For it is impossible to accept the theory of one writer that they sailed or rowed round the continent - a journey requiring enormous maritime skill, which, according to the theory, they must have promptly lost.

He added, it is true, a few torpedo boats and destroyers, but he promptly had them dismantled on arrival at Constantinople.

Lawrence saw that the surest way to prevent the Mutiny from spreading from the sepoy army of Bengal to the recently conquered fighting races of the Punjab was to hurl the Sikh at the Hindu; instead of taking measures for the defence of the Punjab, he acted on the old principle that the best defence is attack, and promptly organized a force for the reduction of Delhi, with the ardent co-operation of born leaders like John Nicholson, Neville Chamberlain and Herbert Edwardes.

But the,gallant old marshal still had some fresh squadrons in hand, and he promptly launched them to stem the French advance.

This, however, was promptly countered by a monster meeting of protest at Zara on Nov.